We are focused on delivering value as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) (cybersecurity, data protection and backups, business continuity, etc.) so that our clients can focus their energy and resources on their activity, on what really matters: their business, not worrying about secondary or non-essential activities and guaranteeing the quality of service by signing Service Level Agreement contracts (SLA).

Ednon’s ambition is to be your trusted technology partner, so our goal is to provide you tranquility by delivering value through our services, resulting in better operations and lower costs.


  • Cybersecurity monitoring (Threat detection & Threat Huntin). EDNON’s NXT ThreatView managed service comes with the goal of improving the cybersecurity visibility of organizations by detecting and hunting down threats that hang over critical assets and endpoints. These are continuously monitored, so that they can prevent interruptions of business processes and avoid possible leaks of sensitive data.
    ThreatView is a set of services and solutions focused on the collection, treatment and analysis of logs and other activity data from servers, endpoints, communications electronics, network traffic, applications, etc., in real time. This allows the cybersecurity of IT infrastructures to be monitored, as well as threat detection, intrusion prevention, identification and analysis of vulnerabilities and response to cybersecurity incidents.
  • Vulnerability Asessment Definitive service to obtain a global and centralized view of the results of the different security audits. So that detected vulnerabilities can be tracked and managed with different analysis tools thanks to real-time intelligence. Vulnerability assessment is an integral component of a good cybersecurity program. A properly functioning vulnerability assessment and management service or system is often cited by industry security standards and regulatory bodies as an essential requirement for information security, and a mandatory compliance requirement.
    • Our service has the broadest and deepest vulnerability coverage in the industry. The lowest false positive rate in the industry with six sigma precision (99.99966% accuracy).
    • Updating of our service, on average, within 24 hours after the revelation of a new vulnerability, thus obtaining timely information on the latest vulnerabilities and malware, as well as a set of actions to carry out for remedy.
    • Regular and continuous scans of vulnerabilities, performing a net monitoring of the network, analyzing the evolution of the vulnerabilities of our clients.
  • Response to computer security incidents. Our goal is to handle critical cybersecurity incidents, resolve immediate problems, and put solutions in place to address the systemic causes of the incident. A security commitment doesn’t have to mean the same as a disaster. Threats outlook is full of highly qualified, well-funded and motivated adversaries whose sole job is to overcome your security measures, and thus, steal, deliver malware, and generally disrupt your business. When our clients are endangered, we respond quickly to understand the significance and the impact of the incident, and to be sure that it has been contained and eradicated.
  • User Awarenness (Hardening). Today’s security solutions neglect the most vulnerable factor: the user. With the user hardening service, end users acquire training and awareness in information security, generating secure devices for our clients.
    Most of the cybersecurity problems that arise in a company would never exist if employees and collaborators had basic notions of existing threats and had safe daily work habits.The following activities, among others, are included:

    • Preparation and scheduling of the annual awareness plan.
    • Preparation and launch of training campaigns.
    • Simulation of targeted and personalized phishing attacks
    • Evaluation and identification of risk users
    • Audit and compliance
    • Etc.
  • MANAGED SAFE BACKUP EDNON Managed Backup services allow organizations to stop worrying about a routine activity, but of fundamental importance for the organization, since it is the guarantor of the continuity of the activity after an incident with data loss or data hijacking, or a disaster.
    EDNON provides both the infrastructure necessary to carry out encrypted backups (remote and / or local), as well as the managed and secure services of monitoring, operation and administration of the backup, be they first copies, replicas, second copies, etc.. All with the best security guarantees in local data centers.
  • CyBERSECURITY ASSET MANAGEMENT. Delegated service for management, administration, operation and support of different security assets: firewalls, email protection gateways, web traffic gateways, endpoint protection platforms, EDR, etc.


We provide outsourcing services, through specialized and flexible teams that vary depending on the needs of the service of each client.

We carry out the management of IT services based on good practices of ITIL 4 and international standards UNE-ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2018. We are certified and we are audited annually.

We are committed to an efficient delivery of services, guaranteeing both quality and compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) signed.

The main IT outsourcing services we provide -both for public entities and companies- are:

  • Network Operations Center (NOC).
  • System Center Operations Management.
  • Security Operations Center.
  • User Service Centers.
  • Help Desk.
  • Project Management Offices (PMO), etc.


From Ednon, we provide professional information technology services in the areas we are specialized (Cybersecurity, Data, Analytics, Network and Systems Integration):

  • Technology Consulting and Advice.
  • Design and implementation of turnkey technological solutions.
  • Technical audits.
  • Technical assistance.
  • After-sales service.