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Partner Program

The cybersecurity sector is in continuous change and growth. Organizations need trusted partners to help them manage information security and cybersecurity. Your company is that partner, and Ednon, your ally

At Ednon we have created a partner program for the distribution of our cybersecurity services. If you are a company or professional dedicated to information technologies, and you want to complement your services by providing your customers with cybersecurity services, contact us.

Being an Ednon partner will allow you to meet the needs of your customers, build loyalty, and increase your profits”


Extended visibility and security monitoring

EDNON’s NXT_ThreatView solution arises with the aim of improving the lack of complete visibility of the technological environment and information security of organizations, improving and expanding visibility over IT assets, by collecting a multitude of metrics, logs and operations and security events, adding context to them. IT assets are continuously monitored, so that business process interruptions can be prevented and possible security incidents avoided, through early detection and warning.

NXT_ThreatView is a set of solutions, tools and services focused on the collection, processing, and analysis of activity data from endpoints, servers, communications electronics, network traffic, applications, etc., in real time, and that allow monitoring the operability and cybersecurity of IT infrastructures, and especially, critical assets or applications, as well as the early detection of threats, intrusion prevention, identification and analysis of vulnerabilities, improving the detection and response to information security incidents.

  • Single point of control, with centralized logging and storage, and with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment options.
  • Spanish technology with infrastructure certified in ISO27001 and ENS
  • Monitoring of the operability of the systems in real time
  • Real-time threat detection and response

NXT_ThreatView Partnership Program

The operation with guarantees of the platform requires to have a company accreditation / certification, so in order to market and operate the solution it is required that the partner companies of NXT_ThreatView have an adequate knowledge of the solution, as well as systems and cybersecurity, also requiring the signing of a confidentiality agreement (NDA) between the parties.

NXT_ThreatView offers partners an affordable, robust, highly adaptable and customizable solution for each specific use case, especially for threat prevention, detection and response. It can be used to monitor critical assets and applications and protect your customers, focusing on providing the best possible IT operation and security services.

Why become a NXT_ThreatView partner?

The program gives access to the following advantages:

  • Level 1 and Level 2 support services provided by EDNONOpest on-site support service
  • Attention to incidents and consultations of operation and deployment of the platform.
  • Personalized training through EDNON Academy, appropriate to the level of experience and knowledge of each partner.
  • In case you do not want to operate the solution, EDNON can complete the managed service of the platform, from its service center.
  • Access to marketing support. Joint marketing with the partner, organization of events, seminars, etc.
  • Access to a cloud environment for testing and demonstrations.

For more information, please contact

Contact us for more information about the NXT_ThreatView partnership process at the email address