Who is Ednon?

Ednon is a company with a broad expertise in Information Technology and Systems services made up of people with advanced knowledge in Systems Technologies, Communications, Cybersecurity and Data Analytics, which make possible to face the most complex projects and services in these fields with guarantees of success.

One mission: To provide our clients with well-being and tranquility, through services and solutions based on our mastery of technological knowledge and accumulated experience, for the benefit of our workers, clients, partners and the community.

One vision: to constantly evolve and innovate in a very dynamic sector that allows us to be a leading organization in the field of data analytics and cybersecurity, anticipating the needs of our present and future clients.

Our history

Whot do we do?

  • In the area of Cybersecurity
    We provide cybersecurity services from our SOC-CSIRT (Security Operations Center / Security Incident Response Team) which we call NXT-ENOC, certified in the National Security Scheme and ISO 27001. Our catalog of services include, among others, those for the management and monitoring of cybersecurity events, the detection and hunting of threats, the analysis and management of vulnerabilities, the response to security incidents, etc.
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  • In the area of Data Analytics
    Managing data durabilty, from its provisioning, processing and storage, to its consumption, from an agnostic focus on technologies and manufacturers. We are focused on data integrity, data quality, data security and data governance.
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  • In the area of the Internet of Things
    We specialize in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and (Industry 4.0), transport and smartbuildings. We perform secure integrations of Edge / Gateways / Industrial sensors -including Onboard ones- with capture, processing and cloud or on-premise storage.
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  • In the field of Infrastructure and Integration of Systems and Communications
    We design the architecture, implement and manage complex system infrastructures (modular, hyperconverged, software defined, etc.), as well as network, storage and system virtualization solutions. We protect data and information against disasters, allowing activity to be recovered in the time necessary for business continuity. We also design, implement, deploy and manage communication networks, we optimize and support them continuously to guarantee their availability and performance.
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Why choose us?

  • Because we like what we do, we enjoy technology and we are passionate about solving problems and providing value solutions to our clients.
  • Because we are specialized in certain areas and domains of knowledge, and we don’t carry out projects or services if we don’t add a significant value to our clients.
  • Because we believe in client orientation and client focus. We have a permanent attitude to detect and satisfy the needs and priorities of our clients, seeking and providing the best solution or service to satisfy them.
  • In addition to our attitude, we continually improve our proficiency in all the company functions, pre-sales, engineering, after-sales, commercial. We specialize and accredit through our partners, with the aim of knowing the solutions and better understanding the needs, proposing the most optimal technological solutions and services.
  • We seek to offer personalized attention and close treatment, as well as to provide the required flexibility and agility that multinationals are not capable of, offering adequate and competitive solutions and services.

What are our values?


Honesty and responsibility with our clients, collaborators and society in general.


And dynamism, adapting to the challenges of technology and to the organizations.


To satisfy the needs of our clients. It is also the result of our independence from technological groups or manufacturers.


And learning in emerging technologies as a driving factor of the company.


And focus on certain domains of knowledge.


We are passionate about technology. What and how can knowledge contribute to improve society and life.



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