Within information technology area, EDNON has specialize in two main knowledge domains: Big Data and Analytics. And related to both, in data and information analytics for Cybersecurity through threat detection and threat hunting, as well as data and information protection.

By generating value to our clients through the presentation of projects, we have evolved and we have adapted to generate greater value through the provision of managed services. We have created new operating and business units, as well as a specialized cybersecurity service center that we call Ednon Nex Operations Center – ENOC. ENOC has the functions of a Security Operations Center (SOC) and where a Computer Security Incident ResponseTeam (CSIRT) operates.

The technology services we provide are cross-sector to any activity: Industry, Government / Public Administration, Health, Education, Banking, Telecommunications, etc.


We afford security services from our specialized Security Operations Center, which we call ENOC, and providing, among others, the following services in its catalog:

  • Cybersecurity monitoring, by detecting and “hunting” threats.
  • Vulnerability assessment.
  • Response to computer security incidents.
  • User awareness and hardening.
  • Cybersecurity asset management.


We provide data durability management services, from its provisioning, processing, storage and consumption, with an agnostic approach to technology. By relying on technology, we help organizations in the deployment of Big Data for business solutions. Our catalog of services in this area includes:

  • Consulting to extract value from data and improving business processes.
  • Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Security and Data Governance.
  • Deployment of Big Data, Analytics and IIoT architectures and services in the cloud and on-premise.
  • Turnkey projects and Big Data and Analytics services.

Industrial IoT

We specialize in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smartbuildings to facilitate remote monitoring; obtaining operational visibility and predictive quality from one end to the other by sensor data; artificial intelligence / machine learning and advanced analysis to, among other objectives, correct process inefficiencies, information silos or perform preventive maintenance:

  • We perform secure integrations of Edge / Gateways / Industrial sensors, including Onboard ones.
  • We do data capture, processing regardless of the communication protocol and cloud storage (or on-premise)

Integrated Systems and Communications

We design and implement system solutions, such as virtualized and hyperconverged computing and storage infrastructures, or storage systems (SAN, NAS, scale-out, Objects, etc.). Both on-premise, hybrid or cloud solutions.

We have proven experience in the design, implementation and deployment of communication networks in complex environments. We also provide managed backup services and the protection of our clients’ data from certified and accredited national data centers.