Management of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE)

Ednon, within its commitment to environmental management and pollution prevention, communicates to the interested parties, complying with the applicable regulations, the following:
  • Your commitment to withdraw used AEE (Management of Electrical and Electronic Devices). It is carried out in cases of equipment replacement one by one or a requirement specified by contract with its clients.
  • Systematic communication and coordination with the client for the collection:
    1. The client will communicate the availability of dates and data of the place of collection of the electrical and electronic devices. It will be done by email to The purpose is to agree with the technical department of the company the ideal date.
    2. It may be that the collection is subsequent to the delivery of new material. For this, the maximum collection period cannot be less than 30 days from the time of that delivery.
    3. At the time of the withdrawal of the used EEE, a proof of collection will be delivered to the client. This should include at least delivery date, related WEEE type, brand and serial number (if possible). And for this, you must request the signature by himself or his representative and leaving a copy to it.
  • These devices once discarded and without option to use:
    • They will become managed as WEEE and managed through an authorized manager.


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