The values of EDNON are sustained through commitment and honesty with client companies, agility and dynamism, flexibility, innovation and learning, specialization and, above all, motivation and passion for technology, aware of the relevance of this to improve society and the lives of all people.

EDNON integrates equal treatment and opportunities between people as a priority and cross-cutting issue in the strategic management of the organization and, within the framework of legislative obligations, defines the EQUALITY PLAN as an orderly set of measures aimed at eliminating all gender-based discrimination that may limit the achievement of effective equality for women and men.

The EQUALITY PLAN is a document that seeks the benefit of all the people who make up the company, therefore, all the people who work in EDNON, regardless of their professional category, employment contract or headquarters to which they belong, are within its scope. The EQUALITY PLAN is made known to all persons who are part of EDNON, as well as to any other person who may be interested in the content thereof.

The EQUALITY PLAN was approved by the Negotiating Commission on October 29, 2020 and is valid for four years since its signing.